Himabio Officer of 2022

Himabio Officer of 2022

Core Officer :

Core Officer or pengurus Inti consist of Chief Executive (Abdillah Maulana Farhan), Secretary (Almira Aurelia Dwi L.), and Treasurer (Annasa Mardiana Zahro)

Chief Executive of Himabio “Bacteriophage”

Abdillah Maulana Farhan (201810401006)


Secretary of Himabio “Bacteriophage”

Almira Aurelia Dwi L. (201810401040)


Treasurer of Himabio “Bacteriophage”

Annasa Mardiana Zahro (211810401006)

Sector 1 : 

Sector 1 or known as Bidang 1 consist of Head of Sector 1 (Virliana Febrianti), Division of Reasoning and Organizational Development (PPO), and Research and Development Division (Litbang)

Head of Sector 1

Virliana Febrianti (201810401007)


Division of Reasoning and Organizational Development (PPO)

Aurania Putri Pratama (201810401031)

Salfia Paramita Suherman (201810401063)

Dwiki Haykhal Satriawan  (211810401047)

Alifia Qurratu Aini (211810401028)


Research and Development Division (Litbang)

Rizky Surya Wijaya (201810401011)

Yusi Ananda Putri (201810401045)

Yuli Isti Mulyani (211810401050)

Sector 2 : 

Sector 2 or known as Bidang 2 consist of Head of Sector 2 (Junior Dwi Putri U.K.), Human Resources Potential Division (PSDM), and Division of Science Group (Kombi)

Head of Sector 2 

Junior Dwi Putri U.K. (201810401039)


Human Resources Potential Division (PSDM)

Arimbi Dirgantari S.P.P. (201810401065)

Fitri Sofiyatul Rahmatika (201810401043)

Salsabila Dia’atus S. (211810401039)


Division of Science Group (Kombi)

Azzua Malia Amdini (201810401017)

Ragil Wahyu Utomo (211810401032)

Adisty Dyah Utami (211810401045)

Sector 3 : 

Sector 3 or known as Bidang 3 consist of Head of Sector 3 (Intan Kartika Putri), Logistic and Secretarial Division (Lokes), Information and Communication Division (Infokom), and Community Service Division (Pengmas)

Head of Sector 3 

Intan Kartika Putri (201810401015)


Logistic and Secretarial Division (Lokes)

Salsabila Qurrotu’ Ain (201810401032)

Selly Hervianingsih R. (211810401077)

Nadila Febbriyanti (211810401031)


Information and Communication Division (Infokom)

Alvan Setiawan (201810401066)

Aulia Rafika Sari (201810401071)

Zainatuts Tsaniyah Indah (201810401030)

Mohamad Khilman Zahi (211810401079)

Fina Yunita Purniasari (211810401016)


Community Service Division (Pengmas)

Muhamad Tentrem Wijaya (201810401070)

M. Abyan Affan Abdillah (211810401043)

Ema Ulfiyah (211810401027)

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